Beans are a valuable food plant. Seeds and green beans are used in food, both fresh and canned. Seed dishes have high taste and nutritional qualities. It is used to make soups, borscht, vinaigrettes, pies and more. Bean seeds contain 28-30% protein, 45-52% carbohydrates, including 5.2% sugars, 1.8% fat, 4% minerals and vitamins A, B1, B2 and others. Green beans accumulate 15.7% protein and up to 2% sugar.

Oil poppy

Oil poppy is valuable for its seeds, which contain 50% of high quality edible oil and up to 25 proteins. The oil obtained by cold pressing will not be bitter for a long time. It is used in the food and confectionery industry.


The content of silymarin in milk thistle - a complex of bioflavonoids - determines its ability to protect liver cells from damage and penetration of toxic substances, remove existing toxins, stimulate protein production and activate DNA and RNA.

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