Wheat seeds

Wheat is one of the key cereals that feeds the world's population. It retains the status of a strategically important food crop both in the world and in Ukraine. Grain exports bring significant profits to Ukrainian farmers, so when planning the sowing of wheat, farmers naturally expect a high yield and, consequently, high product quality.

Soybean seeds

The main value of soy is that it contains a lot of protein. It is one of the few plant products that can completely replace meat. This culture is used for its artificial production, because obtaining protein from it is cheaper compared to animal sources.


Barley ranks fourth in the world in the cultivation of cereals. It is an important fodder and food plant, the production prospects of which are changing and growing. In this article we will talk about the peculiarities of growing spring and winter barley. And also the influence of mineral nutrition on the yield of this crop.

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